Kisah Si Panjang dan Si Pendek

This is a long and short tale. 

Meet Monica (the short one) and Celeste (the tall one. Picture taken by Mon of their reflection in the mirror.


Celeste the Lower Ground and Mon the Basement 2. Hilarious!


Celeste and Mon are two good friends who are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Celeste is tall and Mon is short. What I like about them is they embrace their heights. Whether short or tall, there’s always something good about your height. 

For Mon: 

“I will always look young.” Would you believe that she’s already 30 (age printed with permission)? That’s right. Even her boss thought she was underaged. And I would also like to add, looking like a kid, she gets away with a lot of things. She begged for extra Paddington Bear redemption stickers from the cashier at Guardian and got them.   

“Kids think I’m one of them.” So true. I’ve always thought that when she has kids, it’ll be hard to tell her apart from them. 

“I can buy kid-size clothes. Kids’ clothes are cheaper. And I can shop at F.O.S. Kids. Crocs for kids are also cheaper!” Joy!  

“You don’t have to feed me much.” I disagree. Look at your lunch box, Mon.

“I can always get student price.” When I was in Beijing, my Chinese friend insisted I use her student card from her college in the UK to enjoy much lower entrance fees. It only worked once because I kept speaking in English when the staff at the ticketing office asked me questions in Mandarin. I guess my white hair didn’t fool her but she gave up because of the communication barrier.

For Celeste, who feels panjang only when someone pendek is next to her:

“Shorter guys think it’s an honour when I pay attention to them.” Ha ha!

“I don’t have to worry about looking pudgy.”

“I don’t get lost in a crowd.” Meet you at Celeste  😉

“I look good in short skirts and jeans.” Yup! You chould check her out when she glams up. 

“I don’t need  heels.” 

“I can scare people down.” Ooh… Don’t mess with the Celeste.

And for a different take on this issue, I asked my Facebook friends what’s great about being tall or short. Here’s what my SGGS schoolmate Anita and her three kids have to say:

From the shortest: You never have to be on dish duty (which involves putting the dishes/pans away up in the cupboard).

From the tallest: You can almost always reach anything without having to stand on something.

From the middle kid: Not being tall means not having to duck, but I’m often called on to ‘fill in the blanks’ between the tallest and the shortest.

From mum: I’ve got a specific sized kid for almost any chore…. 😛

Thanks everyone! Anita, if you can take a picture of your kids, three in a row, I’ll post it here.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by LK on February 2, 2010 at 3:57 am

    One funny thing though… my shorter friends were always competing amongst themselves to see who was taller!


  2. Posted by kl on February 7, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    So I’m a shortie. By gweilo standard anyway. Being a shortie means i’m non-threatening (strangers draw to me for help) and vulnerable… so i tend to draw out the maternal/paternal/ protective side of friends/strangers 🙂 The downside??? What downside???


  3. Yeah, I have accepted that I am a shortie. Barely missed Singapore Airlines’ air stewardess minimum height requirement. KL, I agree that being short and small, sometimes you have people looking out for you. The downside for me is feeling lost in a crowd of big people, especially in meetings (unless I want to go unnoticed). But being short has never stopped larger than life personalities like Kylie Minogue and Shakira from standing out.


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