Pretty Happy


Feel pretty, feel happy. Looking good is not about being vain. It’s about being happy with who you see in the mirror. If you look crappy, you’ll feel crappy. 

If you like playing with makeup, I recommend Benefit Cosmetics. I love Benefit because it’s shameless about feeling pretty. It’s a quirky San Francisco brand founded by twins Jean and Jane Ford. It’s sassy, frisky and naughty. 

The beauty divas sure got their priorities right.


Way to go, girl!


I’m a sucker for packaging and word-play, and Benefit sure tickles my funny bone. It has the funniest and most interesting names for its products. ‘Do it daily’ moisturiser (what were you thinking?), ‘Gee… that was quick!’ makeup remover and ‘Honey… snap out of it!’ scrub are some of my favourites. Oh, and for that unexpected overnight at the boyfriend’s, there’s the ‘justincase’ mini beauty kit to pretty yourself up the morning after. 


Browzings is the best eyebrow fix I've ever tried. But it only works on groomed eyebrows.



Beauty tips from the girls.


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