What a Difference Flowers Make

After a long, crappy day at the office, there is nothing I love more than to return to my sanctuary and be greeted by the distinct scent of fresh lilies. I love lilies, especially white ones, for their expressive bloom, and of course, smell. Plus, they last long, up to a week.

I usually get them as buds from a florist near my office. By the time the weekend arrives, when I’m at home to enjoy them, they are in full bloom. I don’t go for fancy arrangements. I just stick them in an old Japanese bottle. It’s taller and heavier than a wine bottle, so the weight supports the flowers.

Orchids are another flower I love, mainly because they last long too. The different colours and shapes also keep me from getting bored as move from white to purple, to yellow to red. I usually get my orchids from a wholesaler in KL’s Chinatown (opposite Popular Bookstore). At RM4 to RM8 a bunch (enough for 3 to 4 recycled brown malt bottles), they are affordable luxury. Lilies cost above RM20 as they are sold in bulk, so I just get my one stalk from the florist for RM12.

I buy flowers not for special occasions or because there are guests coming over. They’re just such a beautiful and simple way to lift the mood. Flowers are a great way to brighten up the space, make it feel more cosy, peaceful and inviting. I love how the restaurants, spas and hotels in Bali use flowers so effortlessly and thoughtfully to make their guests feel welcome and comfortable. They are a joy to gaze at, and can help divert your impatience when you are waiting for your meal to arrive. Flowers don’t need to be expensive arrangements. Even a solitary bloom in a bowl of water can change the atmosphere from drab to fab.


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  1. Posted by swee on November 6, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    Me too, I love flowers in the house precisely for that same pleasure – it fills the heart with joy . . . Yes, what a difference flowers make.


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