A true 1Malaysia taxi driver

Today, for the second day in a row, I had to walk all the way back from the KTM Komuter station to catch a taxi near my home because the train service is still delayed. Apparently, there was a train derailment yesterday at the Putra station. ‘Apparently’ because there’s no mention of it in the newspapers. I only found out the cause from a neighbour who passed by the station.

It’s not a long walk. Just 10 minutes one way. But I was carrying a heavy electric steamer and books for the office donation drive.

This time, I didn’t have to walk further up to the bus stop across the main road to get a cab. I got in, no “I’m not going there,” drama from the driver. Cool.

The ride was uneventful except for the reprimanding wag of the finger from one of the traffic cops who have been stationed at the highway outside the condo these past few days, presumably for the driver picking a passenger off the roadside.

I spotted a Hindu religious item spinning on his dashboard and was contemplating asking him about it. Then I spotted something else. Stickers of Lord Ganesha, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Sai Baba and Mother Mary (I think – it was small and faded) on his windscreen. The only main religion not represented is Islam.

I asked him about it. He said he believes in all. Where does he go to pray? Anywhere he passes, including mosques. How about his kids? They follow one (Hinduism), but he follows all.

If all religions are inherently good, why not?

I wish the same could be said about political parties and the politicians who represent them.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Samsul on October 20, 2012 at 5:03 am

    You’re wishing that political parties in Malaysia believe and represent every religion except for Islam?


    • No, not at all. I wish all politicians work for the common good. I wish we could vote for the most capable people instead of along political lines. I wish it wouldn’t matter which party wins the election. I wish we won’t be penalised if we don’t vote for a certain party. Love all, serve all.


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