Short+Sweet ending to a Friday

After this morning’s interesting encounter with the taxi driver, I didn’t expect another pleasant turn of events.

In fact, I thought it was going to end on a not so happening note.

As usual, if I’m not swamped with work, I’d plan to leave by 6.20. More so today because of the disrupted train service and not wanting to be caught in the rain that has been pouring the last two weeks.

And if I could catch the illegal van (last trip at 6.30) that goes straight to Masjid Jamek in 15 minutes, I could also pop over to Petaling Street for a nice, quick and cheap dinner.

But just as I was saying goodbye and have a nice weekend, an art director said I needed to stay back to check some work. Eh? Nobody told me. But we agreed on the timeline. When? During the briefing. But that was days ago.

Okay, I’m no prima donna. But I come to work early so I can leave early. And I certainly don’t appreciate being told at the last minute I need to stay back. Warn me earlier lah. It’s already past six. Grr.

Anyway, work had to be done. Bye bye faster trip home and nice dinner.

Then my friend Fara from the other side messaged me. Got free tickets to Short+Sweet (a short play festival) at klpac. Want to go? One of the suits is acting. The big boss bought tickets as a show of support and there were leftovers. Sure, why not? Right time, right place. And Azlina was driving, so transport was sorted.

But what about dinner, I thought? By the time the play ended, it would be past 10. When I came back from the theatre cafe with a bottle of water for Fara, she produced a bun. Someone gave it to her earlier and since she had already eaten… my dinner was sorted too.

And since I live nearby, I also got a ride home. Great! What could have been a grouchy Friday turned out well.

How were the plays? Well, although I’m a theatre buff, I’m not going to pretend to be intelligent here. Some, I just don’t get it. The point of it all. But I’m not complaining. It’s always interesting to watch something new. Some of the stories and lines were food for thought. Here are a few highlights:

Don’t Eat Me
Didn’t get it. But the suit Edmond Wong was rather good in his character as a bird. Sound, not so happening but great body language, the nuances in the way he carried his character, especially in the opening scene.

Not a Straight Idea
It’s not over the top drama that demands attention. But I liked the way two different points of view were presented together like two sides of a coin. My vote for best short of the night went to this. Synopsis: Two kids, two parents, two different styles of childcare.

The Not So Sure Thing
The sole short in Malay. About a gay guy and his girlfriend checking out a waiter he fancies. It was SO FUNNY and got loads of laughs. But it didn’t get my vote because it played to the stereotypes. Gay, government servants, Malay… the usual. It’s almost like hearing fat and dirty jokes from Joanne Kam Poh Poh. Very expected.

Short+Sweet runs until 28 October at klpac and penangpac. Ticket prices are cheaper than a meal at a fancy burger joint. RM28 (adult) / RM23 (students & TAS card members). For gala night, it’s RM43 (adult) / RM38 (students & TAS card members).


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