A lift on a rainy night

Something pleasant happened today. But the day did not start out that way.

I had an evening briefing yesterday. Was pulled into a job midway. Which resulted in working till almost 1am today. With no dinner except for cup noodles. Bleh. I thought I could leave by 10 but it just dragged on and on.

By the time I got to bed it must have been around 2.30am. By 8am, I had to haul myself out of bed. The sore throat that reared its annoying presence yesterday had made itself at home. Then I threw up liquid because of my empty stomach.

Missed the 9.07 train. Had to wait another 15 minutes. By the time I got to KL Sentral, the bus had just left. So more waiting. Made it to the office with minutes to spare for a 10.30 meeting with the big boss. But Mr. Punctual who sent out a note yesterday asking us to be on time for work (9am, or latest 9.30) was not in.

After clearing some work, I decided to visit the doctor downstairs. The sore throat felt like it could get nasty. My ears were already hurting when I swallowed.

The bald doctor was on duty. It was a slow morning and he was in a good mood. He did a more thorough check-up – temperature, nose, chest… and also my blood pressure (I have hypertension). Chit-chatted a little… I asked for Imodium for my India trip next month. The last time I was there I had bad food poisoning. It took me years to recover. I had to go to the loo every time I ate sushi.

He advised I bring along a kettle jug, which I was planning to. Even bottled water must be boiled. It’s the safest way. Take less meat. Eat more vege. Eat freshly cooked food. Buffets are the worst meals to have (that’s how I got food poisoning last time – buffet at Holiday Inn Agra). Come back in one piece.

“So, do you want the rest of the day off?”


“It’s really up to you.”

Yeah. Why not? What’s wrong with me?! Doctors are usually stingy with sick leave. F*** work! I can’t make it through another mind-numbing day of arguing with suits over measly website updates and rudimentary eDMs and feeling disheartened over scraps of worthless work like “we need to name the stage because the client feels ‘main stage’ is boring” and putting effort into great ideas only to find out they have been canned because of “no budget” or “global said no”. Gah!

Went back to the office. Cleared some more work. Told Traffic No. 2 I’m on MC. “Why are you on MC?” Excuse me? Don’t you dare glare at me missy. Left a note for Traffic No. 1, shut down my computer and left. I’m not a doctor saving lives. The world would survive without me.

Got out to see the bus leaving. But decided to wait for the next one instead of taking a cab. I wanted to enjoy the warm sun. With the waiting, lunch hour jam and missing the train (next one over half an hour later) and a very slow ride, I reached home close to 2 hours later. Damn, should have taken a cab. Could have reached home in 15 minutes.

Grudgingly ate risotto and roast chicken – leftovers from the weekend. Loaded the laundry into the washing machine. Called a friend who just returned from a holiday in Thailand. Read two chapters of 50 Shades Freed and tried to catch a snooze. It was raining by then, which should have been bliss under the covers… but I hardly slept a wink.

Got up, hung up the laundry, took a shower, ate half my dinner (same as lunch) and then went off to klpac for the Latin American Film Festival. It’s just a 20-minute walk away. I did feel lazy but decided to go anyway. Needed to do something enjoyable. Stop feeling sad and sorry for myself, which I have been doing for the last five and a half months.

The movie from Uruguay on Tuesday was boring. I missed the Venezuelan one yesterday. Today’s film is from Mexico. The Candidate and Her. Rather nice. Love story about a presidential candidate and his wife.

The Mexican Ambassador gave a short intro as the new President (the real one) will be taking office next month. Mexican presidents serve only one term of six years and elections are always held on the first Sunday of July, so no guessing game like ours.

Halfway through the movie I could hear the rain outside. When the movie was over, I hurried out. Yes, it was raining steadily. A couple were contemplating how to get to their parked car. Hmm… I couldn’t share my one umbrella with both. But there was a girl on her own. I offered to walk her to her car.

In between telling her it’s no biggie because the car park is on my way out and explaining that I would be walking to the train station to get across to my home, I found out that she lives in Batu Caves and would be passing by my place. So just like that, I got a ride home because I shared my umbrella with some random stranger. Thanks, Shamala. Maybe I’ll see her again if I make it for the rest of the movies this week.

Film Fest schedule here.


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