Karma and the taxi driver

I needed to go to Mont Kiara again. The last time I went there, the taxi driver took me for a ride. Halfway through the journey, he wanted to make a U turn because he didn’t know the way. How could he be a taxi driver and not know where Mont Kiara is?

I roughly knew the route but we took a wrong turn and ended up on the highway. I expected him to take the nearest exit but he did not.

Four toll booths later, he had the cheek to demand for the full fare. RM27! It would usually cost me around RM10. He haggled it to RM23, minus RM4 for the toll. In circumstances where the driver gets lost, he would usually give me a discount. But no, not this one. I would’ve shared the cost (which I think would be fair – again, how could he not know where Mont Kiara is?) but no… he laid the blame squarely on me. I gave him RM20 and some harsh words. 

Two Sundays ago I hailed Mr. Ganesh’s taxi from the main road not far from my home. There was already a passenger inside, so he asked her if it’s okay with her if he picked me up. She was staying just opposite my place. 

After dropping her off, he mentioned that she was waiting over an hour at PWTC.

Why? There are many taxis there. 

They didn’t want to use the meter. 


Kesian, dia belajar, mana ada duit banyak? (A pity, she’s a student, where got so much money?)

I took that as an opportunity to launch into a rant about the driver who cheated me. 

Karma was mentioned. I also told Mr. Ganesh about my encounter with another driver. This time at Midvalley Megamall. If you go there, make sure to leave before 10.30 or 11pm latest because after that, it would be hard to find a driver willing to go by the meter.

The scums of public transportation would hang around outside their taxis waiting to fleece desperate customers. I refused to give in and went along the queue until I found someone willing to use the meter. I later asked him why he didn’t follow the others. He said that he wouldn’t want his own wife or sister to be cheated by drivers like that. 


Mr Ganesh agreed. He used to be one of those scums. Money came in, money went out. When a customer gives you money in anger, the bad vibes rub off. Once, he cheated a customer and five minutes later he got into an accident. 

He finally heard God telling him to cheat no more. So he stopped. And his life improved. His kids did better in school too. When he needed money, a customer from Singapore called up to offer RM7,000. With this, Mr. Ganesh could pay for his own taxi, not renting from a company. This means more take-home-pay every day. 

A driver like this deserves free publicity. If you need to book a taxi, call Mr. Ganesh at 017-630 7902, one hour earlier. Tell him you got his number from someone who believes in karma. 




2 responses to this post.

  1. Interesting story and an interesting take on the concept of karma. Here’s a very different point of view: http://bit.ly/LSccLB


  2. Thank you. And thanks for the link. I believe karma is a way of keeping us in check. If there are no consequences to our actions, it’d be easier to do nasty things. As for religion and the afterlife, although I’m a Catholic and believe in God, I can understand why evil people do the things they do. They don’t think about the afterlife because what they have is now. And we see how bad people live a good life and we are tempted. But we do not know when our riches, comfort and health can be taken away. So again, that keeps us in check. For me, when someone does something bad to me, karma tells me, let it go. Karma will make them pay.


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