A very late surprise


I received a very unexpected surprise in the mail a few weeks ago, the result of a kind deed two years ago.

I am an occasional shopper of Crabtree & Evelyn products, specifically when there is a good promotion. I especially look forward to the gift sets in its festive catalogues. Despite years of treating myself to Crabtree & Evelyn, I never became a member because my purchases never reached RM350 – the amount needed to be eligible for membership.

About two years back, a staff at the Crabtree & Evelyn outlet in Sogo offered to put in an application for me. She said she would use another customer’s receipt if the opportunity presented itself. So I filled out the form and after a few months passed, forgot about it.

Out of the blue, sometime in October, I received my VIP card and a voucher for a welcome gift. What a delightful surprise, when I least expected it. It was perfect timing as the VIP Preview Day for the Christmas sets was a few weeks later. For the first time, I could enjoy the 30% discount for VIPs! I wish I could remember who the staff was so I could thank her. It’s a nice feeling, to enjoy the result of something set in motion so long ago.


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