Optimism from a rubbish truck

Don’t you just hate it when you’re stuck behind a rubbish truck in traffic? If you’re in a cold or temperate country, it’s not big a deal, but when you’re in tropical Malaysia, rotting rubbish is an assault on your sense of smell (unless you’re having a load of snot so thick that a stinking fart doesn’t bother you).

This morning, my Uber driver picked me up just as the rubbish truck was leaving my neighbourhood… and we ended up behind it. Good morning!

Whenever I’m near a rubbish truck, I try to ignore it. If I’m walking, I just hold my breath and put on my imaginary blinkers. But today, something caught my eye – in one corner at the back of the truck a colourful wind spinner stood out defiantly against a dull backdrop of grey metal and dirt. It spun gaily in the morning breeze, spreading rainbows and unicorns to dour drivers (okay, that’s stretching it but you get the idea).

Kudos to the rubbish collectors for the cheerful optimism and bringing colour to an overcast morning. They still see beauty even in the dirtiest of jobs. I’m humbled.

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to snap a picture. If you’re ever stuck behind a rubbish truck, keep your eyes open and tell me what you see. I hope it’s something that would make your day a bit more bearable.


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